Therapy sessions would take place at my clinic in Maidstone or in your child’s school. I use a range of therapeutic techniques, including Parent Child Interaction Therapy (maximising your interactions with your child in order to develop their language skills); table-top work on speech sounds, language and attention and listening; and play based activities to help children who need to find alternative ways to communicate (e.g. signs and symbols). I also communicate with nurseries, schools and NHS services in order to ensure we are all working towards the same goals.

I also work with schools and I welcome contact to discuss the packages I can offer and costs.

Initial consultation: £150

The first consultation will take up to 90 minutes and typically includes:
Case history/information gathering.
Observation of the child.
Assessment of the child, which may include informal/play based activities and/or formal picture based assessments.

This fee includes travel (see ‘travel’ below) and a written report.

Therapy session: £60

A typical therapy session will take up to 60 minutes. This includes 45 minutes direct therapy and 15 minutes discussion/handover of homework.

I use a range of different therapeutic approaches and the format of a therapy session will depend on the needs of the child. I will often incorporate both play activities and games alongside the ‘work’ to help the child stay engaged and motivated.

This fee includes preparation, travel resources and homework.

I do not charge for phone or email correspondence.


Nursery/school visits (observations and meetings): £20 per 30 minutes

Interim/update reports: £40

Assessment/contribution to Education Health and Care Plans: £250